Club Rules

  1. Shooting
    (a) General
    (i) All members are required to familiarise themselves with the Rules of Shooting.
    Nothing in this document is intended to contradict the Rules of Shooting, and where that may be the case it is inadvertent and the Rules of Shooting take precedence.
    (ii) All members will obey the instructions of the nominated field captain.
    (b) Bow styles
    (i) The Club allows members and guests to shoot all styles of bow as defined in the Rules of Shooting other than crossbow and flight bow.
    (ii) Flight shooting is not allowed with any bow.
  2. Club Records
    (a) A club record may not be claimed unless the round has been witnessed by a fellow archer. The scorecard must be signed by the archer and the witness.
    (b) If a score is submitted electronically the archer must advise the Records Officer (RO) of the name of the witness; the RO reserves the right to contact the witness for verification. If possible, a photograph of the signed and countersigned scorecard may be attached to the email.
  3. Field Set Up
    (a) All members should familiarise themselves with the field and equipment.
    (b) Before shooting commences members must ensure that:
    (i) The chain is placed across the posts at the far end of the field from the container.
    (ii) The signs are placed appropriately; the two hanging signs on the posts at the far end of the field and the standing ones at the points where the footpath reaches the field.
  4. Visitors
    (a) All visitors or guests shooting on the field must be paid up members of Archery GB, must pay the visitors fee as it stands at the time and complete the visitors’ book. They may shoot only in the presence of a club member.
    (b) Visitors who are not shooting must remain behind the shooting line at all times. They will be subject to the control of the field captain or any person acting as such, or a committee member.
    (c) It is the responsibility of all members who invite a visitor to ensure they are aware of safety rules and provisions.
  5. Health and Safety
    (a) You must make yourself aware of Archery GB rules on H&S and be prepared to follow them.
    (b) You must take care to protect yourself and others from harm. This includes, but is not exclusive to, fellow archers, members of the public and visitors. To this end, archers must remain behind the shooting line at all times other archers are still shooting, with no exceptions.
    (c) You must be able to manhandle club equipment within your capabilities. If you cannot you must seek assistance. If you are unable to manhandle equipment you are advised not to shoot alone.
    (d) There is a footpath that crosses the shooting field at about the 50 yard mark. Whilst warning signs have been placed at the entry points to the field you must bear in mind that persons may wish to cross the field and shooting should stop immediately to allow this. A whistle from the field captain or a shouted command to stop must be obeyed instantly. Any archer may issue the command to stop shooting.
    (e) The club takes no responsibility for the safety of any archer who does not stay within the bounds of the Rules of Shooting, the Shooting Administration Procedures, the Club Constitution and the Club Rules.